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I like the idea of having a paper napkin glued to a piece of card stock that in turn gets to be cut into pieces, sort of like a mosaic pieces that you may arrange on top of that something you are about to alter. This time I played a bit with a napkin with a beautiful peacock motif and after many hours of cutting it down to a homemade moroccan pattern, embossing, gilding and colouring with inka gold wax by Viva Decor it was ready to be arranged on top of a wooden tissue box.

chustecznik dla wioli detal

I also used that wonderful waxy paste from Viva to decorate the sides via a stencil. As for the bottom, I quickly stamped the turquoise background with silicone stamp and a versamark embossing stamp pad and brushed three shades of mica powder on.

chustecznik dla Wioli3

chustecznik dla Wioli2

chustecznik dla Wioli1

ps. Could somebody bring back the sun, please? Taking pictures that would show all the intricate details and, most importantly, true colours, is almost next to impossible 🙂