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I think I am in love with mica stamping; this is the easiest and most gratifying (perhaps, because it’s  the easiest technique:)) trick you can adapt to enhance your crafting projects of all sorts. All you need is an embossing ink, mine is from Versamark, some mica powder and a stamp of your choice. For this project I used some stamps from this truly stunning India Paisley set by Viva Decor.

For this little lamp I grabbed some time ago when shopping at Asda I chose a combination of green, turquoise, gold and pink. I think it worked just fine 🙂


lampa bombaj slonie


I suspected that hot embossing on a piece of linen lampshade with a plastic backing would not be such a great idea, but I had to try anyway 🙂

lampa bombaj gora

I especially love the combination of green and gold; must remember to try and come up with some others project based on that colour scheme.


Note to myself; next time cover the cord with some masking tape before painting 🙂