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Spring is (slowly…) coming to town! Hence the change in my decorating mood :). This time I was curious how easy is to ‘paint’ with mica powders. It turns out that when applied on a slightly wet surface that was primed with gesso several times, they are very easy to work with. You just need a flat, soft brush and some wet wipes in case the surface you are working on begins to dry a bit quicker than expected :). The best way to seal mica powders is a spray varnish, followed by several coats of glossy varnish by Maimeri. The butterfly and floral motifs are cut outs from 3 different paper napkins. Actually, gluing down these tiny pieces proved to be the most difficult part here. As they say – patience is a virtue! 🙂


The reliefs were made using a flexible stencil and modelling paste mixed with gold acrylic paint.



And that’s the back: