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Just by accident (I love crafting accidents :)!) I discovered a nifty trick to use when playing with faux gilding, ink and stamps.

But let us start from the beginning. This little mdf box was firstly covered with lots and lots of paint, bitumen, patinas, gold flakes and stamping inks. It was then give a few coats of glossy varnish by Maimeri. A small, square cutting from a paper napkin was glued from the underneath the little window in the middle of the lid. Another piece of gold leaf covered the bottom of the image, and since I cut the napkin in several places, the gold leaf begun the show through these tiny holes.


and a ‘before duck’ close up:


The bottom part was covered with gold leaf and distressed with several shades of stamping ink with ‘green winter’ as the primary colour. I then used a clear stamp, and by ‘clear’ I mean I did not ink it with any colour. It was used to remove the winter green ink from the gold leaf, a sort of reverse embossing. This was as if the green ink was removed, lifted off the surface with the stamp. It created a beautiful, almost cloisonne like, floral effect. I really do recommend playing with this nifty technique. Let’s call it ‘reverse embossing’, for a lack of a better expression :). And a note to myself – I wonder how this trick would play out with paint, and not ink… hmm… must try this one out next time.

Reverse embossing aka stamping onto gold leaf with no ink 🙂


And the finished piece:

duck box 2

duck box 1