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Let’s get straight to the point: grab some table salt, some plain flour, add some water and a bit of PVA glue, make a ball of dough, press embossing folders into it, and give it a shape of your choice. I had only a heart and a christmas tree cookie cutter. When oven dried, these were given some slight rubbing with patina by Pentart and a couple of shades of metallic rub ons (better than paint, glide nicely over the surface, I simply used my index finger to add a pinch of colour to the whole lot in less then 30 min.

The recipe found here (a blog from Poland) is this: 2 parts of salt, 1 part of plain flour, some water (add bit by bit and work into the ‘dough’), a table spoon of PVA glue (or wallpaper paste).

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