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Hi everyone,

I decided to post a brief tutorial on how the 3d ornaments from the previous post were made. The principle is to use modelling paste mixed with acrylic paint of your choice, a brass stencil and an object you wish to decorate.. obviously 🙂

Some time ago I did a similar tut., but this time the aim was to produce multicoloured ornaments. So here we go:

1. The reindeer was firstly inked with stamping pads in bisque, sand and pinecone (pads by Versacolor). I chose a snowflake stencil and decided to do several ornaments at one go, i.e. without moving the stencil around. Modelling paste (a tiny dollop – a small dessert spoon is enough) was mixed with 4 different acrylic paints and a small amount of iridescent medium:

2. Keeping the stencil laying flat (sometimes the masking tape is not enough to keep stencils flat enough for the paste not running under – press them with your fingers when applying the paste and then scraping it off with a spatula), I applied three ‘stripes’ of various colours onto the first pattern, scrapped the excess off to make it look neat and flat when the stencil is removed.

3. Moving onto the next one: staring from the middle and moving outwards in three steps:

4. When done with paste application, the stencil was lifted gently to reveal a set of multicoloured snowflakes that where left to dry overnight and later sealed with a coat of acrylic varnish.