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I’ve recently spent considerable amount of time venturing into the worlds of amazing (and sometimes mysterious) items folks use when crafting. And with mixed media decoupage there is very little you wouldn’t be able to use really. It’s up to your taste basically, but all in all there are papers, embellishments, distressers, inks, stencils et cetera :). This list can go forever. And all of that has absolutely noting to do with the old fashioned, proper, decoupage. Hence mixed media decoupage. Here, the cliche phrase sky is the limit, is ever so true.. :), I’m not there yet … I keep trying, though :).

Here’s a cream and lace tissue box I finished varnishing yesterday: (don’t get me started on varnishing white (read: not fluff and dust resistant) surfaces… grrrr)

As far as trying out new ‘tools’, I tried out pressing embossing folder (like this one) onto the top of a tissue box covered with a 2 mm layer of acrylic paint mixed with a tiny bit of modelling paste. I wanted to emboss the background texture, so that I’m left with a slightly raised ornament. So far I’ve been using brass embossing stencils for 3d ornaments (or reliefs), but there is always only a single image you are able to produce. And I was after a whole surface having a textured feel. That’s what I managed to achieve:

I used Versacolor ink pads (cement and pine cone) to add depth to the impressed image.

I also played a little bit with brown gold relief paint and glossy varnish, both by Maimeri, to create a quasi cameos in a quasi brass frame on each side of the box:

The cameo image was cut out from a paper napkin (and that’s the only decoupage bit here :)).

Is anyone else out there using those beautiful embossing folders for something else then embossing on paper? I’m dying to learn new stuff, so please share! 🙂