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Died only at the age of 25, Beardsley mastered an art of drawing with ink and pen. He is recognized for his superb illustrations of erotic and macabre images, published in high-profile magazines back in the late 19th century. The drawing I used to alter this box was taken from a second hand book that I was lucky to come across in our local Oxfam shop in Reading. It is called The Peacock Skirt.

I mixed grey, white and black acrylic paint with modelling paste, smoothed the mixtures onto a butterfly brass embossing stencil and scraped off the excess with an old credit card. Here’s a close up of a raised butterfly ornament:

The sides were also decorated with a brass stencil and a modelling paste mixed with black acrylic paint. I did not paint the rims though, instead I used a few stripes of paper normally used for quilling, also known as paper filigree. I painted a few of those gold and black and glued them onto the sides and also inside of the box.