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Hi all,

Tissue boxes are the most practical objects I decorate according to my husband. Other boxes and trinkets only keep piling on top of each other and since I’m always eager to try different style/motif/colour scheme they do not go together at all. I keep telling myself that it’s all temporary; us being here in a foreign country, in this house and surrounded by objects that form no coherent home decor at all. Well… one day…

The other day I showed a picture of a bicycle tissue box, one of my favourite creations (diamond background, dual colour scheme and a very cool bicycle relief via brass stencil). And by any stretch of the imagination you would not be able to call it decoupage; there wasn’t even a bit of paper glued down. Only stamps and 3d reliefs (that’s actually oxymoron, right?) plus some steampunk brass embellishments. And this one below has nothing to with proper decoupage as well :):

Have a great weekend!