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A very simple example of under glass decoupage. Cut outs from a wrapping paper, four different napkins and a vintage music sheet. A 2 step crackle medium was applied in between. The cracks were filled with liquid bitumen, the one featured in almost all previous posts. Bitumen is black, sticky, and a highly viscous liquid. It is a very versatile medium and can be used for ageing or, like here, for filling in the cracks. A separate tutorial on how to proceed with this will follow shortly.

Ps. When browsing for a nice (read: vintage looking) music sheets in my local Oxfam shop I was approached by a gentleman working there who asked if I needed any help. He was wondering what sort of musical pieces I was after, or perhaps I was searching for concertos for a particular instrument. ‘Oh, no’ – I replied – ‘I’m actually looking for yellowish, vintage looking music sheets, and it does not really matter what instrument or composer’. The gentleman walked away with a very puzzled look on his face…